icono hoja de papel DEFINItion

With astigmatism, the light rays that come in focus on different areas of the retina. This causes a distortion of the image perceived for far and close objects. In eyes without astigmatism, the cornea or external layer of the eye is aspheric. In eyes with astigmatism, however, the cornea has an oval shape.

icono hoja de papel symptoms

The most common symptom is "blurred" vision.".

icono hoja de papel causes

Causes could be genetic and not necessarily hereditary.

icono gota treatment

To treat astigmatism glasses, hard contact lenses and surgery with Excimer Laser are used.


Can I become dizzy when wearing glasses?
That can only happen at first. Afterwards, the natural habituation to glasses ends this.

Can I use any type of contact lens?
No. Only rigid lenses are recommended. And usually the time of adaptation of the patient and his vision to these lenses is somewhat prolonged.